How content management systems work

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How content management systems work

If you’re trying to start the new year right with a brand new website, whether for enterprise content management or web content management, but know nothing about the coding it takes to develop it, then you need to look into Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Square Space, Wix (etc). Though it may seem daunting at first, have no fear; CMS’s allow you to create and manage your own website without having to deal with any kind of coding. The more knowledge you put into understanding CMS’s, the better website you can put together and even have fun doing it.  


Think of a CMS like your Facebook page that you modify and change to fit your business profile (albeit a bit more complex than your typical social media page). Having a website through a CMS is similar in that you have full control over all content and how it looks by using its pre-programmed software applications or programs. Rather than spending the time and money on hiring a programmer (or learn coding yourself), figuring out whether you’re writing in Java or C++, and wondering how to close the gaps that prevent your site from functioning as it should, using a CMS cuts out time consuming coding for easier access to design styles for database information, content page, and template files. These outlines come with every brand of CMS and all you have to do is choose the pre-built design that you like the best and place your own content into the appropriate areas.


Most CMS applications allow you to assign different user roles, such as public users, editors, and administrators. Each will have different privileges to read, submit or publish content to the website as per your preference if you may be working with others. Remember, whether it’s CMS or HTML, you’re obviously trying to get the people’s attention. If what you’re doing will give you more to show and share over time, then a CMS is the best option for you. It will be far easier to manage and design than coding each and every page your site may need.


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