Differences Between IT Consulting and IT Services

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Differences Between IT Consulting and IT Services

Technology can be extremely confusing nowadays, especially when it comes to its terminology. For instance, IT consulting and IT services may appear to be self-explanatory, but can actually be quite difficult to tell apart from each other. From an IT perspective, it’s easy to tell the difference, but not everyone is necessarily an IT specialist (which is what necessitates IT specialists in the first place!). That’s why we’re here to explain the differences between the two in as plain and simple a way as possible.


IT consulting is where a client is given technical guidance in IT strategy by a consultant specializing in the IT field. This can span from what to store in the cloud versus a data center, to the specific technology needed to process automation or mobile security within the client’s business.

IT consultants are very important to clients, as they not only want their consultant to just recommend technical solutions but to also implement them. This is where we begin to see where IT consulting and IT services distinctions blur a bit.


IT services essentially take care of the rest by providing what the IT consultants said a client needed. Services offer all gear for IT applications needed in a company. IT services are related to infrastructure management. The biggest difference would be where an IT consultant finds the best technical solution for the client, an IT services provider offers that solution from what they provide. For instance, IT services provider could be a Microsoft shop, and all their services would be Microsoft solutions for the client. Same would go for Apple. Catch the difference now? Hopefully, this will assist you in discerning the differences between the two, and help you realize just which type of assistance your business may require when it comes to your IT needs.

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