How to Establish Brand Authenticity in Your Content Strategy

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How to Establish Brand Authenticity in Your Content Strategy

When creating a voice through social media, you will hear more about “authenticity” than anywhere else. That’s because having an authentic brand is the only way for companies to truly make it in the digitally dominated times we find ourselves in. With so many competitors on social media waving their hands and shouting, “Come look at me!”, you have to be authentic to really stand out. But to build a strategy around authenticity, wouldn’t the only requirement be absolute honesty? Honestly, no; your strategy must perform at a much deeper level than that.

Any major brand flourishes from having authenticity to strengthen their public image and gain trust from current/potential consumers. People feel more comfortable with a corporation who isn’t afraid to do business on a personal, transparent level. So what’s the ideal concoction to create an authentic image? Here are some tips:

  • Variety

     First off, always mix it up. Remember, even if your business sells tea kettles, you are not only marketing to the senior citizen crowd; there’s also a large group of hipsters who prefer the “quaint, simple pretentiousness” of tea to a bland cup of joe. There is not just one type of consumer, there are several different types, and all of them should be reached out to by your business. Always create different types of content to showcase your business.

    • Blogs: Blogs can be posted as frequently as you’d like, although best practice recommends 4 blogs a month (or one a week). Having consistency is a game changer when establishing authenticity, and having a voice and opinions people can rely on helps it grow faster.  
    • Videos: Videos are eye-catching and informative. It helps convey a human quality for the viewers to see who is a part of your brand and helps strengthen the belief that your business is made up of other people who care about their customers.
    • Twitter/Instagram: Having a presence of social media is everything. Having these accounts and maintaining contact with your followers can help you gain followers who will then turn into consumers. (For a hilarious example of such a strategy, feel free to take a look at the burger chain Wendy’s Twitter account).
  • Images 

    Having images is like showing consumers what your brand is about. They’ll also start to mentally link your brand to that image whenever they see it. Any kind of behind the scenes images to post is also a big way of creating that authenticity that you’re 100% real to consumers.


  • Service 

    Having social media nowadays allows us to have honest 1 on 1 conversations with followers/consumers. Always use this feature to your advantage. Caring about people and community for all to see boosts your brand authenticity overnight. Make sure you’re consistent and timely with chatting to show them you care.


Truth – When telling stories about the company, always go for the truth. Don’t give some amazing piece of fiction that sounds cool, because the internet is a big place and it doesn’t take much for someone to do some research. Always talk not just about the company, but the people who comprise it. People want to see people doing what they do. Show them how your brand relates in their lives.

About the Author:

Todd, the owner of T.G. Digital Solutions, has over 25 years’ experience in database and software development, and over 20 years’ experience in website development. He has worked on teams of 100+ developers down to just himself on Projects, was a Database Administrator at Intel & DevelopOnline, and has owned and ran his own software and web development business since 2002.