Importance Of Cookies For Website Business

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Importance Of Cookies For Website Business

  Who doesn’t love cookies? I mean, give me a gooey warm chocolate chip cookie with a glass of cold milk and I’m in heaven. But alas, the cookies we’re talking about in this blog are not one and the same as Grandma’s best. However, internet cookies can be just as delicious to business owners with websites. That may sound impossible, but let’s take a closer look at internet cookies and see if we can tempt you further.

 First off, let’s better understand what an internet cookie is. An internet cookie is a small text file with a unique ID tag that is placed on your computer by a website you visit. The website also saves a complimentary file with your matching ID tag that stores various information like the pages you visited information you voluntarily gave from your computer. Then alter if you revisit the site, the site will recognize you by matching the cookie on your computer with the counterpart in its database. Interesting, isn’t it?

 So anyone with a business and marketing mindset can see how beneficial this is. Knowing that pages customers visit on your website, how much time they spend on them, and how many times they return, is a powerful sales and marketing tool to utilize. Now keep in mind, cookies are only attached whenever a customer fills out a form. The second thing to consider is that most people turn the cookies to their computer off. But there are still thousands out there who don’t use this feature and can still build up your clientele. Here’s how:

  • Cookies tell you how visitors are finding you. Whether they arrived via Pay Per Click, organic search, or were a referral from another website; as you learn how customers are finding your site you will be able to focus more attention on that area of your marketing.
  • Cookies can tell you what pages, and how many, a client has viewed on your website. This can give you valuable insight on what is making or breaking your sales and how to improve. Also seeing how many times each client visits your site is a great insight into your marketing techniques.
  • Cookies can notify you whenever your leads visit. Knowing when a viewer has returned to your website will help drive the sale immensely. Maybe they were browsing the first time. Maybe they were curious the second time. But when you know that viewer has come back a third time, that’s when you’re ready to make the sale.

As you can see, internet cookies are just as good as the real thing for any businessmen or marketer looking to sink their teeth into growing their goals.

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Todd, the owner of T.G. Digital Solutions, has over 25 years’ experience in database and software development, and over 20 years’ experience in website development. He has worked on teams of 100+ developers down to just himself on Projects, was a Database Administrator at Intel & DevelopOnline, and has owned and ran his own software and web development business since 2002.