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Project Description

It had been 7 years since the Brown & Associates website had last been updated. It was a mess and a lot of the links were broken. We suggested a slight rebranding of the logo, and a complete redesign of the site. They were in total agreement.

They also wanted to go as paperless as possible in the office, so we set them up with a Cloud storage service and access to all their files with add, edit, and delete capabilities directly through their new updated website. The files are stored as PDF’s or Word docs, or both, whatever they choose. Their paper usage has been cut by 90%, which also saves tremendously on toner for the printers.

Another feature we added to their website was pre-intake form processing. Their clients and potential clients can now fill out the forms they need to online, in the comfort of their own homes and where they have all the information they need, instead of having to come in for their appointments 20 minutes early, carrying all their paperwork that has all the information they need to fill out the forms on a clipboard.