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Project Description

Maurine came to T.G. Digital Solutions with an idea for a unique start-up company. Her idea was to use QR codes in a much different manner than the norm of just directing users to a static landing page to try and sell the user something. She came up with using them to display dynamic pages for multiple types of pages, everything from vendor ads to surveys to contests and trivia. The idea was to get sports teams to put up to 3 QR codes on the back of their tickets instead of just the one Jack-in-the-Box ad for a free Jumbo Jack.

These 3 QR Codes could change independently every inning, quarter, period, or even every minute, and display a different vendor ad, contest, trivia, whatever the team wanted, and the team would also have the ability to completely change what was to display when the QR Code was scanned at any given moment, and update in real-time.

This was all back in 2008/2009 when QR Codes were first being introduced in the US. Those requirements alone posed quite the software challenge back then, especially since everything had to be created for primarily mobile device use. T.G. Digital Solutions stepped up to the challenge, and not only created those requirements, but added several more along the way, to make QR Game Plan what it is today. The software was so successful that Maurine has even migrated it to the Real Estate industry, where agents can now re-use their signs with the same QR Code on it, and change the information and videos of the property online as the agents move their signs from property to property, and not waste a ton of paper for flyers with the information. Once the QR Code is scanned for the property, the user can see a video of the property, all the property information, and also have the agent contact information right at their fingertips to call or email right then.