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TG Digital Solutions has been providing high-quality websites for over 25 years. The goal of our website designs and development are unique to each client, their business requirements, and strategies. While our team of highly creative graphic designers create eye-catching and converting websites, our developers deliver fully functional website solutions that not only work for your visitors but work for your business.

  • Our web development work is tailored to your business objectives.
  • We have an extensive track record of success over the last 25 years.
  • We utilize best practices in design, development and website architecture.


Website Design

Regardless of your marketing goals, having a ‘well designed’ website is essential for doing business in the digital world. Your new website should be built with one thing in mind, your users. Providing a user friendly experience to visitors of your website is a must in order to keep them browsing the numerous other results on the web. Developing a well designed website for your users is worthless if it does not function flawlessly. As an experienced web development agency, we create websites that are designed for your visitors but built as a tool for your business. We develop using all modern and up to date technologies, coding languages and best practices. Our team takes no shortcuts in providing websites that are; error free, fast, and scalable.

For a results-driven website, contact us today for a consultation on your new website. Already have a great site but need it to be a tool for your business by connecting with other websites, software or applications? Learn more about our [custom web applications and integrations.]

Create A New Website That –

  • Speaks to your audience
  • Has a defined goal
  • Is search engine friendly
  • Is clean and creatively designed
  • Provides a positive user experience
  • Has clear messaging
  • Is responsive & mobile friendly
  • Benefits Your Business & Becomes a Solution

What our Clients Say

We went to T.G. Digital Solutions because our website was in desperate need of updating. We were also thinking at the time about going paperless in the office. Todd sat down with us and listened to our needs and wish list, took it all back to TG Digital, and they came up with a great new look for our website, and their web expertise has allowed us to go almost completely paperless in the office. We really appreciate their help!

Michelle Kosses , Office Manager

I have had the honor to work with Todd, and TG Digital, for several years and on several client projects, and not just on my own personal companies. Each and every time, I have been thrilled with the work product. No matter what, I know that I can rely on the work being done professionally, timely, and that they will be a collaborative partner when challenges arise and I need help to solve it. Honestly, I would be hard pressed to consider using another company!

Maurine Karabatsos, Founder/CEO

I have worked with Todd at T.G. Digital Solutions for both of my businesses and have also brought him in to help with my wife’s medical practice. He is always there when we need him for website advice, IT support, and just general all-around computer and software questions. The custom software that they have built for my companies has saved too many man hours to count and has cut down tremendously on data errors. He may not have the “professional” look, but don’t let that fool you, his integrity and knowledge more than make up for it.

Chad Gammage , Owner

I had no idea what I wanted as far as website design or even what I needed at all. I just knew I needed to get online and start selling my hitting tees. I contacted T.G. Digital Solutions and talked with Todd for a little while about my business, and afterward, he said to send him pictures, videos, and all the information I could think of about the different tees and accessories. A couple days later he got back to me with a design, and hit the nail right on the head! 2 weeks later I had a complete website and was selling my tees online. Great Job!

Jerry Durham , Owner

I wanted a unique website, not something from a template that looked like everyone else’s. I had known Todd for a while but thought he only did software. I took a chance and asked if he knew anyone that could do a nice custom website, and he said: “Ummm, yeah, me”. So, I told him what I wanted the site to do, and gave him a chance to see what he could come up with, and after a couple little tweaks, we had my favorite website. I really love that the site, and especially the Galleries, are mobile friendly so I can show interested parties some of my other work when at showings.

Karen Leibrick , Artist

My website was old and outdated, and the content needed major updating as well. I contacted T.G. Digital Solutions to see what they could do for me. Todd was very courteous and professional and showed me several different designs before I finally chose the one I liked best. He started with the logo, which he used purple for my Minnesota Vikings, and then went from there, and I have been happy with the site ever since.

Shannon Kelly , Owner

T.G. Digital Solutions helped us completely rename, rebrand, and change our entire company’s appearance. We were remodeling our offices at the time, and thought now would be the best time to upgrade our online presence as well. They helped us through every step of the way, and even sent someone to sit in with our training for the new EHR software we recently transitioned to, so they would be prepared to help with support when we need it. That is above and beyond, and we really appreciate that.

Dr. Punya Raman , Leading Physician

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