How Is Technology Changing Marketing?

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How Is Technology Changing Marketing?


Living in the 21st century certainly has changed the way we function. We now have Alexa who can compile our shopping lists and give us the weather on demand. Drones are sold on shelves almost anywhere. There’s a dating app for almost every type sexuality, religion, and nationality out there. Technology has changed everything in our modern day world and that goes for the marketing industry as well

We may not think of how technology has changed marketing so drastically or realize it even, but it definitely has. Consumers are connected today by using smartphones, iPads, laptops – and even glasses and watches – to search, browse, share, and access content. And with so many gadgets and gizmos at everyone’s fingertips, marketing departments must provide compelling campaigns across all these different devices and applications. The marketing industry can only do so by becoming proficient in today’s technology. That means keeping up with latest tech, software, and updates across the board, and to do so marketers have to work closely with IT departments. They have to take on the knowledge on how to develop websites, handle data and run social media campaigns to stay relevant and in business.

And by working in tandem with technologists, marketers are able to bring their creativity, flair, and intuition. Because technology, particularly the Internet, has given consumers more power, marketers must work just as hard as ever to supply the right design, flair, and connection to reel in the customers. Bottom-line, no matter how far technology spreads, marketers must learn to adapt while still creating personalized experiences that people want. Additionally, marketers need to think of people less as customers and more as individuals; marketers muss strive to integrate data channels to create an individual user experience across devices and even offline – in the store and on the phone.


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