Things to think about when choosing a logo for web application

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Things to think about when choosing a logo for web application

In this visual era, perceptions created to people matter a lot. Brands are judged on how they represent themselves in a matter of seconds. A good logo should command attention as well as visually describe what your application stands for. It is your brand’s signature. They are ideally small and simple looking but can fire up your web application if properly designed. Logos require much effort and creativity to develop, and the following are things to consider when choosing your application’s identity piece.


Before an internet user gets to know about the contents of your application, they look at your logo first. With an excellent first impression, they’ll keep reading and find out more about your web application, however, they may also click away at first glance. Your application’s competing power dramatically depends on the foundation you lay in your marketing through your identity’s design. It should be well designed, captivating and appropriate to the user’s eyes. A logo is a linchpin, and it ties every aesthetic of your web application together.

Logotype to suit your brand

No specific logotype suits everyone. This can only be determined by your brand name and what services you provide. Depending on this, you can choose a wordmark, letterform, pictorial or an abstract logo. Wordmarks and letterforms work well with short brand names as they make it easier for consumers to remember your identity better than the intellectual logos. However, simple and straightforward abstract symbols can be useful to catch your consumers’ attention.

Colors to use

The color you choose is incredibly critical. First, consider the colors used by your biggest competitors and pick one that they don’t use to differentiate your web application. Colors also have different psychological punches. For instance, red is an intense and active color that is a bit alarming; yellow comes out as a happy, fresh and energetic color and blue evokes calmness, reliability, and confidence. So, depending on how you want your first impression, ensure you choose a color that evokes how you want your users to see your brand. The color theory is quite complex and only by understanding its basics can you use different colors to your advantage.


This is an essential element of a logo design that communicates the name and personality of your application. There are several fonts to choose from, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. For web applications, serif fonts are outdated despite their classic look. San serif, a clean, fresh and modern font mostly suits web application logos. San serif font is easily readable even when small but are so familiar hence fail to set you apart from other web application identities.


Most minds perceive balanced logo designs as appealing as well as pleasing. Keep the size, colors, and graphics balanced to appeal to most of the internet users. Simplicity is essential in being safe as not everyone has an eye for art.Your web application’s logo is its face and hence how it is designed is exceptionally essential. With correct execution, a logo can be a compelling asset to captivating masses to your web page.

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