Tools for Developing a Web Application

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Tools for Developing a Web Application

The demand for web applications has increased rapidly in the recent years. You need to be proactive about learning new techniques and adapting to the changes of the web. With the ever-increasing number of web development tools and resources, choosing what you need can be a daunting experience. Here is a list of top tools for developing a web application.

Web Application Frameworks

A web application framework is an essential tool that reduces the complications that come about during the development of web applications. These frameworks help you create standard based web solutions. They also have reusable components and guides you to assemble pieces you need for creating an ambitious web app. Some of the best web application frameworks include Angular JS, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, ASP. Net, CodeIgniter, and Django just to mention a few.

JavaScript Libraries

JavaScript is one of the most common web programming languages. The libraries contain pre-written JavaScript code which simplifies the development process. Instead of developing code from scratch, these libraries fasten the process and also helps reduces chances of having bugs within your code. Some useful JavaScript libraries include JQuery, BackBoneJs, React, D3.js, and Lodash.


During the process of developing a web application, you need to have a database, which is a collection of information. As you compose the behavior of your code, it needs to fetch information or send certain data to the database. For example, if you have a login form, it needs to store the user’s login details in a database. Therefore, databases are essential resources for web development. Some of the databases you can use include MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

 Front-End Frameworks

If you want to create high-quality websites without consuming much time, then you need Front-end frameworks. They are composed of packaged files and folders with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They help you to come up with error-free responsive layouts. Some essential frameworks include Bootstrap, Foundation, and Semantic UI.

Code Editors

A code editor or text editor is a vital resource during web development. They help in building redefined and optimized web apps. It is advisable to use a customizable text editor, with built-in functions that help you to modify code and text efficiently. Sublime Text, Notepad ++, Atom, and TextMate are some of the most suitable code editors you can use.

 CSS Preprocessors

CSS preprocessors are key ingredients to web development. They help you to structure your stylesheets easily. Most web developers make use of these preprocessors because they aid in writing maintainable and future-proof code. They significantly reduce the amount of coding time. Some commonly used CSS preprocessors include Sass, Less, Stylus, and CSS Crush. In case you have a large and complex project, then these are the best CSS preprocessors to use.

In a nutshell, with the high demand of web applications, you need tools and resources to simplify the process and save time as well. The list of tools should act as a sufficient guide for all your web development needs. Make use of these tools according to your preferences and coding familiarity, to make your project as productive as possible.

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