Ways to Use Technology in Your Construction Business

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Ways to Use Technology in Your Construction Business

Being in the technology-driven age we currently find ourselves in, every business has made the shift to be as technologically in sync as possible, mostly for the ability to make the workload easier to manage and more efficient. Implementation of such technological advancement is sure to be beneficial for any business, ranging from the Silicon Valley startup to construction and remodeling companies. We may tend to assume that the only technology needed to run a construction business is the tools and equipment necessary for… Well, construction. “All I need is a hammer and the wisdom necessary to smack the nail instead of my thumb.” But unless you’re an Amish company, even this particular business is making adjustments in new technological developments to help take some pressure off of the overall workload. It’s simple business tech that can help connect with new clients, improve current client satisfaction, organize business processes, and store important records and data. And with technology advancing every day with businesses upgrading, it’s easy for a business to get left behind if you’re not trying to “stay hip” on the latest systems and devices. Before despairing that you won’t be able to keep up with all the modern necessities, try considering these two tips to implement modern technology that can help any construction business improve.


  • CRM Software

Needing to keep track of important customer details and having a hard time doing so? The days of overwritten address books and stuffed binders are gone and done. Stop keeping your notes and papers in the desk drawer where you keep that protein shaker bottle that you never use. CRM software is the best technique to go with. It is designed with lead-tracking technology that allows its users to input or upload client information, take notes, send reminder emails to you and your clients and schedule future communications with their customers and prospects. Some might call that witchcraft!


  • SendGrid or Mailchimp

When you’re focused on building your business, it’s not fun for some to map out their email marketing, payroll management, and other administrative tasks. That’s where sites such as SendGrid (MailChimp is a good one too) are designed to help businesses automate these processes. These sites allow users to create, send, and schedule emails with ease. Share newsletters and market your services through a drip email campaign and promote your company even while you’re away from your computer.

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